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The apartment rental market in Bucharest...

  The real estate market for apartment rental in Bucharest is a dynamic market. Due to the regional development and the large number of companies in the process of evolution, the demand for housing rental is quite high.   Due to this increase in demand and price developments, it has continued to grow. There are spectacular growth moments due to the restart of the academic year and moments of relaxation. The most sought-after Bucharest apartments are those located in the central areas, the areas close to the parks, the metro stations, the ones near the shopping centers.
  Statistics on the evolution of the rental market in Bucharest!
  Despite forecasts of economic recession for the year 2019, the real estate agency Tudor Estates expects that next year there will be no big fluctuations in the evolution of rents and it is assumed that the rent price will remain stable. The most sought after locations to rent apartment in Bucharest are:
  • Lipscani is the area with the highest prices for renting a studio
  • Second place in the standings is Splaiul Unirii and Aviation
  • In the segment of two-room apartments, the most expensive properties are available for rent in the Amzei areas , Primaverii (Spring ) and Herastrau.
  • As for the three-room apartments, the highest prices are practiced in the North areas, Victoria Square and Primaverii quarter.
Interest in renting large apartments in Bucharest and large properties is stable. Renting small but cozy and well-equipped apartments in Bucharest is on the rise.
  The need for rental on the segment of rent a new apartment in Bucharest has begun to be met more and more through a variety of apartments. On the other hand, 2018 was a year in which demand for rent fell, perhaps because of the fact that many customers were targeting acquisitions, but also because on the IT & Software side in 2016, there were no mass fluctuations of personnel.
  An analysis carried out on the Bucharest real estate market shows that this year the best have been leased:
  • 1-room apartments and studios - the stock on this niche being low, such an apartment could generate a rent of between 280 and 350 euros;
  • 2-room and 3-room apartments, especially the new residential - are the ones that offer the most options; the stock on this segment is extremely generous and the rental average is 480 euro / month, respectively 580 euro / month; on this segment there is a 10% decrease in the value of the rent
  • the category of apartments located in old blocks, completely renovated and upgraded, detached, compete and align with the prices of those in new blocks;
  • on this segment the 3 and 4 room apartments was registered a 10% increase compared to 2017;
  • the individual duplexes, duplexes, meet the requirements of a segment that had very few options until 2017; for those with 3 or 4 bedrooms and garden - the families are oriented towards this type of rental - the value of the trading is between 1,000 - 1,400 euro / month, and for the individual houses, between 1,600 - 2,200 / month.
  Those who want to know about the prices currently being used in the area of intrest can analyze the statistics available on specialized sites

After what criteria should we choose to rent a flat in Bucharest ?

  Renting a real estate in the capital, whether it's a studio or an apartment with different types of partitioning, can be a difficult task if all the factors involved are taken into account. Because everyone's interest is to spend money intelligently, it is preferable that the whole process is done on the basis of carefully selection criteria.
  Analysis of the real estate market is a step that needs to be taken in the first instance.
  Rental costs vary from one area to another, as much as new construction and other such terms.
  For example, a central location requires a larger expense from the start, and all these are things to be consulted before making any decision.
  What steps should be taken to rent a home ?
  Ensure you have advance and guarantee money
  When you start looking to rent a new home or a new apartment in Bucharest, make sure you have savings to make an advance, if you find an exceptional home and a rushed homeowner who needs urgent money. These cases are rare, but it is good to be prepared for them.
  Think long term...
  Think about how "enjoyable" is moving from one apartment to another, especially when you have children and have so many things to move. In addition, it is even more difficult for them to adapt to a new environment. If you do not have children, but in the future you want, then it's a good idea to look for a home that can adapt to the potential changes in your life, changes that you can not yet accurately plan.
  Location and... location
  Why is location so important? First of all because you want to live in that neighborhood for many years now and it's important to feel at ease. Secondly, the neighborhood must have something special. Also for those who already have children, it is important to have a kindergarten / school as close as possible, a connection to the means of transport and possibly a playground for children.
  Proximity to work should also be taken into account, especially now, when roads become more crowded and traffic becomes a pressing issue. That hour you should spend on your way home from work and back, you can add it to your morning sleep or you can turn it into a sports hour, for which it is hard to find time in general.
  Stretch your waist up
  In the world dominated by the credits we live in, it is very easy to let you go with the wave and spend the money you do not actually have. The aesthetics are great, especially when you want to change. But it is good to know that sometimes the rent that you allow today, tomorrow can become impossible to honor.
  For some of us, work is not a guarantee and we can not know how the market is evolving in the coming years. Therefore, it is advisable to rely on safe financial sources when calculating your rent.
  Bigger does not necessarily mean better
  Each of us adore the generous space. It is natural to prefer a larger house with airy and bright spaces, but let us not forget what we use these spaces and what costs they involve. For example, for some of us it is important to have separate rooms for each of the children or to have the living room and the office room separately. Ladies also want dressing, and the children playground. The question is how much does it cost to maintain these rooms? What is the cost of maintenance during the winter months, how long it takes to clean the house, etc.
  If we were able to answer all the questions and understand what an rental of this kind involves, then we can choose a larger house. If we are among those who want to use the space as efficiently as possible, then we can opt for a smaller house and then look for space-saving solutions that are now available to anyone.
  Consider any type of real estate, be it old or new
  The temptation is to choose real estate as new as possible, with impeccable maintenance systems, already established yards and last generation finishes. But sometimes older buildings can have higher quality finishes, even if they need repair somewhere. If you choose to go to an older house, you need to consider several factors such as:
  • Insulation - Is it done well or needs to be restored? Poor insulation may cost you long-term, visible at maintenance costs;
  • Electrical system - hiring an electrician to check the electrical system and to guard you if it identifies major problems;
  • Floor - Check for scratches or defects, a major floor renovation can cost both time and money;
  • The gas installation - one of the most serious problems, because a problem gas installation can endanger your life. Make sure you check everything with a specialist;
  • Dampness - can cause serious health problems, so make sure you will not be subjected to tedious medical checks because of such a detail.
  Work with agents and realtors
  Most of those looking to rent apartments in Bucharest have the tendency to contact only individuals who put their properties on rent to avoid agency fees. But real estate agents know the market well, have an overview of existing offers in the city, and can find offers that you do not have access to in another way.
  Tell your friends that you want to rent an apartment
  It often happens to find the right home through friends or acquaintances. "Word of mouth" works more efficiently than any other form of marketing, so it's good to squeeze your ears and listen carefully. Tell your friends that you want to rent flat in Bucharest or you are looking for a home, apartment or a studio and wait for news from the market. They will not delay to appear.
  Pay attention to what currency you choose to opt for rent and currency exchange trends
  If you pay the rent in a currency other than the Romanian one, for example in euros, do not forget to check the euro on specialized websites and watch how the currency varies from one day to the next. You can make serious savings if you choose the right day to pay the rent. The amount is not very large, but can be used for something else.
  Real estate agents and legal forms of renting
  Undoubtedly the signing of a lease contract is necessary. In fact, this is proof of deed that the transaction was legal and that there will be no further problems.
  With regard to the most cost-effective deals, on the site tudorestates.ro you can find numerous offers and solutions for renting Bucharest apartments, of which you can choose in accordance with your needs and financial possibilities.
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