Ecological houses: Advantages and disadvantages

Tuesday, Jun 12, 2012 | Post by TudorEstates

An ecological house conserves or deposits more resources than it consumes, these being then reused in the surrounding environment. At the opposite pole, the standard house consumes more energy and is less resistant to earthquakes.

The first designer and architect to come up with details regarding what an ecological house stands for was Philip Wenz, founder and director of the ecological design program, within the San Francisco Architecture Institute. In his article called “Your Ecological House”, published in San Francisco Chronicle during the summer of 2007, Wenz stated that an eco house is modeled according to a natural ecosystem’s cycle, so that such a construction fits in the environment, without causing damages.
Compared to the ecological houses, standard houses work as a resource vacuum. These are degraded until the point where they become useless, debris being returned in the environment, most of the times under the shape of toxic residue.
Source: 9AM

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