Agricultural Land: Secure Investment in Romania

Thursday, Jun 14, 2012 | Post by TudorEstates

Because they don\'t trust euro and the financial investment anymore, the Germans placed their money in real estate savings. The financial consultants say that the romanians would do well to bet money on land acquisition, because prices are low, compared to EU, and the food crisis is getting worse.

\"People have had terrible experiences with other investments - mutual funds or stocks. They want something tangible,\" said Kai Enders, board member for the Engel & Volkers residential properties. \"Prices are rising rapidly in luxury version compared to the rest of the market. People have the perception that the better the location, the investment is more reliable.\" he said. Investment in property is justified because, says the broker, land is a finite resource as opposed to gold or oil. Moreover, says Manaila, prices are very low now, and if Greece exits the euro area, those who invest in property are less likely to lose than those who choose the stock market or the euro. Financial consultant Valentin Ionescu told Business24 that any investment opportunity is analyzed according to performance, this is the golden rule of investors, no matter if you invest money in cork or agricultural land, because the only criterion that matters is the internal rate of return. Ionescu is still convinced that real estate is an area in which to invest, because now the prices are still down, but over two or three years the market will recover.

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