New lodgings in Bucharest, two times more expensive than other cities. The prices in the capital and around the country

Friday, Jun 22, 2012 | Post by TudorEstates

The prices of new apartments in the main cities dropped by 26.5-54% in the last few years and although the biggest drops were reported in Bucharest, housing in the capital is up to two times more expensive than in other large cities. An analysis of housing units per number of rooms shows that studio apartments have the biggest price difference, of 50%, between Bucharest and Iasi, according to the portal

Thus, the cheapest new studio apartments can be found in Iasi, where the average price is 32,324 Euro and prices can even go below 30,000. In most other large cities, except for Timisoara and Bucharest, the prices for studio apartments are similar: 36,089 Euro at Cluj, 37,276 at Braşov, 38,039 at Constanţa. At Timisoara, a new studio apartment costs over 40,000 Euro and in Bucharest, the average price if 48,860. Studio apartments have also suffered the steepest price drop during the crisis period in Bucharest, the average price at the moment being 46% of the average price requested four years ago. As for two room apartments, their price in Cluj is the same as the price of a studio apartment in Bucharest. Two-room apartment prices have become cheaper by 34% in Timisoara to 53.5% in the capital. While a two-room apartments costs less than 60,000 Euro in most cities, in the capital the average price if 84,939 Euro. Significant differences are reported for three-room apartments too. Prices range between an average 64,047 Euro in Iasi and 74,700 Euro in Timisoara, but there are areas there such apartments can even be bought for less than 40,000 Euro. Higher prices are reported in Brasov and Constanta, at 85,453 and 86,787 Euro respectively. The capital has the highest prices in this category as well, with an average price of 123,000 Euro, despite of a 47% price cut in recent years.

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