The list of the most cheap mortgages. Which solutions have found the banks to attract customers?

Monday, Jul 9, 2012 | Post by TudorEstates

The history of loans in Romania is very tumultuous. In 2000, loans were the exclusive domain of bank employees. In 2007, absolutely anyone can contract any loan. Now nobody wants to hear about bank loans. Everything changed too suddenly and too quickly. Banks transformed from the best friend to the enemy of the clients. People were left homeless, thousands of houses are enforced, financing is more expensive and harder than ever and a restructuring of the entire banking system is imperative, especially in perspective of the conclusion of the First House program. The banks are already preparing for a new era: that of sustainable and healthy growth.

After a period in which they were shaken strongly, banks have decided that they must go further. The program First House 4 is almost over, a new edition is not in sight and standard loans look scary for the customers. The game now has new rules designed to protect both customers and banks. There were many mistakes that have seriously affected both sides, which nobody wants to repeat. \"The subject of the relationship between bank and customer is one that concerns us very much, in The Association of Romanian Banks. Problems created by the crisis are high, many customers failed to return the loans in foreign currency, this has created discomfort especially for those who have borrowed in Swiss francs. Is an overview that targeted customers worldwide, not only in Romania. The new rules that banks are following, matter very much for the balance f othe situation.\"Radu Gheţea, ARB Chairman, reported. Banks recover completely the client policies: all risks and additional costs are clearly stated from the beginning. Banks have recognized the fault. Assumed that not all risks were presented in detail to the customers when they were asking for a loan. However, many customers were not even patient to here the risks. However, no one seemed to imagine a fall so serious in such a short time. \"I totally agree with those who say they were mistakes of the banks. But I want to emphasize that the strategies of banks, their policies did not intended to create such a situation. It would be a suicidal gesture. You can not afford as banker to fool the customer. If you fooled him, if you created a discomfort, sooner or later this will come before you like a boomerang. An unhappy customer is a big problem for the bank. More customers unsatisfied is an even greater problem\", continues the president of ARB. The restructuring in the Banking system translates into keeping only the best employees. In addition, given the market conditions, they now no longer allow the risk of making mistake to the customer. Management now requires each bank to attract and keep each eligible customer. The approach is difficult though. \"Banks can not force market. They need to meet market requirements. Request at this time is low and it is disproportionate to offer. But I am convinced that if the application will appear as soon banks will be interested and willing to honor. Unhappy customers will never disappear, but it\'s good to be as few, especially in terms of quality services\", says Radu.

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