Bucharest - one of the crowded European capitals

Wednesday, Oct 8, 2014 | Post by TudorEstates

The city crowd has become a common thing for the Bucharest residents, but the discomfort created has reached alarming levels. Solutions exist, but, for the moment, they are only on paper on the medium and long term development projects. Until they are realized, the Bucharest inhabitants can deal only with the existing conditions. Find out which are the most congested areas of the capital and what solutions are foresaw.

Bucharest is not a city for residents, being more a city suffocated by residing. The daily bustle may only confirms the official figures, which put the Romanian Capital between the densest European capitals. Being more precise, we must specify that Bucharest has a density of 9,000 inhabitants per square kilometer in the city center. This is double if we compare it with Budapest, Vienna or Berlin, where the density is of maximum 4000 inhabitants per square kilometer. Due to the fact that in the 3rd district we can find the biggest areas with tall blocks of flats, this sector has the biggest density in the city, followed by the 6th and 2nd districts. Statistically speaking, the 1st district is the one with the smallest density. This might be due to the fact that in the sector 1 are included also Baneasa and Pipera, the adjacent areas of the north part of Bucharest, which used to be different towns. Comparing to all other sectors, 1st district has a double surface. While the other districts are spread on surfaces around 30 square kilometers, the 1st district dispose of an area around 70 square kilometers. Speaking about the people, according to the 2013 census, the figures are like this: • In the 1st district they are registered 225.400 inhabitants • In the 2nd district they are registered 345.000 inhabitants • In the 3rd district they are registered 348.000 inhabitants • In the 4th district they are registered 287.000 inhabitants • In the 5th district they are registered 271.600 inhabitants • In the 6th district they are registered 367.000inhabitants We may conclude by saying that, in terms of residing, the 1st district is the most aired area.

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