Telekom Romania Communications, will sell its former headquarter, the Telephone Palace building

The former Romtelecom, now Telekom Romania Communications, will sell its former headquarter building (Telephone Palace), and two other adjoining properties located on Calea Victoriei, for a starting price of EUR 21.6 million. The Telephone Palace, which by the 70s was the tallest building in Bucharest, was built between 1929 - 1934 in a specific style skyscrapers Americans, with characteristics representative of the style of Art Deco. The selling of its non-core assets, including its portfolio of real-estate properties, is part of the company’s strategy of focusing on its main services.

Foreign Investments in the Romanian Real Estate Market

Secure Property Development & Investment (SPDI), a company registered in Cyprus, bought 122 apartments in four compounds in Bucharest, whose net worth is estimated at 3.3 million. The investment company is at the third acquisition in Romania this year, totaling more than 20 million.


Commercial centers are the favorite places for shopping in Bucharest, so that such real estate projects continue to be attractive in the eyes of large investors. This time Obor area is the one that will enrich a new shopping center: Veranda will be \"the first green and proximity mall in Bucharest\" and its inauguration will take place over two years.

Real Estatae Sector tripled in the first half of 2014

The volume of investments in Romanian real estate grew substantially in the first six months of 2014, being almost triple if we compare it with the same period of the last year.

New Europe Property Investments

New Europe Property Investments (NEPI), the South-African investment fund, which is one of the most active investors in Romanian real estate market, announced that raised EUR 100 million via an accelerated book building (ABB) on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

Market figures

The average sale price of Bucharest apartments was down by 5.6 percent in March compared to the same month last year

Promenada Mall, first solar powered shopping center

In less than six months, perhaps the most spectacular mall in the capital, will open its doors to visitors.

Rents from Bucharest, among the lowest in Europe, Middle East and Africa

The medium rent on Bucharest offices last year dropped by 5.13%, while the level of the renting costs on industrial and retail spaces remained the same. This brings Bucharest among the cheapest cities in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Holiday houses are put on sale at prices above 100,000

Holiday houses located in interesting areas are put on sale at prices above 100,000 euros, the highest price being 2.9 million euros for a villa in Domnesti.

Bucharest is more attractive to real estate investors than Paris, Vienna, Brussels or Prague

Bucharest is more attractive to real estate investors than Paris, Vienna, Brussels or Prague, according to a chart by The Telegraph, which ranks the Romanian capital 12th among the best 20 European cities for investment.