A new Mega Mall will be built in the capital. The shopping center will have an area of 70,000 sqm

Austrian developer has obtained the building permit for the project Mega Mall and will start shopping center development this year.

Real estate market facing difficulties

Developers sell 2-5 new apartments per month and have 10,000 units available

Irish and Romanian venture want to invest 800 million Euro in different projects in the romanian capital

BUCHAREST RI investment Group will allocate 800 million Euro coming from Romanian and Irish funds for three real estate projects in Bucharest.

The best residential compounds in Bucharest

Capital has selected 20 residential compounds from Bucharest, dedicated to the middle class, and achieved a ranking of the best offers by price, location, maintenance and facilities provided by each project.

Tallest building in Romania is ready

The tallest building in Romania was finalized, and stands at 137 meters tall, with Raiffeisen able to move into it by the end of the year, writes. Sky Tower was already the tallest building in Romania three weeks and a half before reaching the maximum height of 137 meters and 37 floors.

6,800 Euro – a month’s rent for a Bucharest apartment. The highest rents in large cities across the country

The owner of the most expensive apartment currently for rent in Romania is demanding 6,800 Euro a month. The apartment, located in Herastrau, has a 450 square meter surface, according to a study by, which also shows that 15.5% of the offers have a monthly rent of over 1,000 Euro, Mediafax reports.

Average prices demanded for Bucharest homes dropped by a maximum 6% this year

The average prices demanded for the housing units put on sale in Bucharest dropped by a maximum 6% from January to June, and now range between 37,500 euros for a studio to 103,370 euros for a 4-room suite.

The list of the most cheap mortgages. Which solutions have found the banks to attract customers?

The history of loans in Romania is very tumultuous. In 2000, loans were the exclusive domain of bank employees. In 2007, absolutely anyone can contract any loan. Now nobody wants to hear about bank loans. Everything changed too suddenly and too quickly. Banks transformed from the best friend to the enemy of the clients. People were left homeless, thousands of houses are enforced, financing is more expensive and harder than ever and a restructuring of the entire banking system is imperative, especially in perspective of the conclusion of the First House program. The banks are already preparing for a new era: that of sustainable and healthy growth.

Dambovita Center, with mall and skyscraper, will finally replace the Radio House

The project, situated in the center of Bucharest, on the banks of the Dambovita River, has been blocked for many years following a lawsuit initiated by the District 1 Mayor’s Office. But local authorities recently dropped the complaint, and the Urbanism Commission of District 1 authorized the Plaza Centers company, which has a 75% participation in the project, to develop and enlarge the Radio House under the form of two buildings, with 5 and, respectively, 26 floors above ground each.

Floreasca Park a 70m euros project in Bucharest. Oracle will occupy 70% of it

Real estate developer Portland Trust will allot 70 million euros, including a 40-50 million loan from BCR, for the construction of an office complex with an in-built surface of 37,500 sq.m. in the Barbu Vacarescu area of Bucharest, which will be completed by October 2013, Pro TV reports.