CBRE: The Tower Center, unoccupied for over 3 years, might be rented this year

The office building Tower Center International, controlled by the ‘Avrig 35’ group, which remained unoccupied for the last three years, might be finally rented in 2012, in which case it would account for a quarter of the new office surface delivered in 2012, CBRE announces.

Bucharest, more attractive for real estate investors than Vienna, Brussels, Prague or Paris

Bucharest is more attractive to real estate investors than Vienna, Brussels, Prague or Paris, according to a chart by The Telegraph, which ranks the Romanian capital 12th among the best 20 European cities for investment, Mediafax reports.

What properties you can buy for a billion Euro in Bucharest

The Afi Palace Cotroceni mall, the Militari Shopping center, City Gate towers and the office portfolio of Austrian group Immofinanz could be bought at the moment for about one billion Euro, taking into account the values of these assets upon initial purchase, according to a ZF analysis.

New lodgings in Bucharest, two times more expensive than other cities. The prices in the capital and around the country

The prices of new apartments in the main cities dropped by 26.5-54% in the last few years and although the biggest drops were reported in Bucharest, housing in the capital is up to two times more expensive than in other large cities. An analysis of housing units per number of rooms shows that studio apartments have the biggest price difference, of 50%, between Bucharest and Iasi, according to the portal

RA-APPS sold the most expensive asset to date, a 5 million euro villa on Kiseleff

The \"Administration of State Patrimony\" (RA-APPS) sold, following an auction, a villa with an area of ​​approximately 2,700 square meters, with just over five million euros, including VAT, this is the most expensive asset sold to date.

Expensive Life Downtown Bucharest: What are the Most Luxurious Houses for Rent

The demanding people, wanting to live downtown Bucharest, to be closer to where \"everything happens\", should take out of the pocket a considerable ammount of money if they want to buy or to rent a house in this area.

Approximately 55% of the Homes in Romania are Overcrowded

More than half of the homes in Romania are overcrowded, the highest level in the EU -27%, compared to an average in the European community of less than 20%, Romania being the country with most buildings occupied by their owners, as declared by the president of Alpha Bank, Sergiu Oprescu.

Agricultural Land: Secure Investment in Romania

Because they don\'t trust euro and the financial investment anymore, the Germans placed their money in real estate savings. The financial consultants say that the romanians would do well to bet money on land acquisition, because prices are low, compared to EU, and the food crisis is getting worse.

Ecological houses: Advantages and disadvantages

An ecological house conserves or deposits more resources than it consumes, these being then reused in the surrounding environment. At the opposite pole, the standard house consumes more energy and is less resistant to earthquakes.

Petrom inaugurates Petrom City- the company\'s new headquarters

• One of the biggest projects on the Romanian real estate market: investments of over EUR 130 million • Unique project given the scale of the ecological rehabilitation on the land, high energy efficiency of the buildings and environmental branding • Petrom City includes one of the most modern data centers in Europe • Significant economic impact