Depression or decline predicted on Romanian real estate market?

Real estate market recovery it is not predicted very soon by specialists. It is being estimated that old and new apartment rent prices will fall again with about 10% in the next period, while sales can get larger drops. Best case scenario foresees real estate markets’ rebound only after 2011- 2012.

Central Europe residential market

The beginning of a slight improvement can be observed in some housing markets of Central Europe, while others continue to struggle. The year 2010 will prove to be a challenge for many residential developers and investors throughtout the region, and an opportunity for new market players. Sursa:

Why have prices for apartments increased in March, on a market strangled by crisis

March has brought an unexpected increase in the level of average prices for old properties in the Capital City, and also in other large cities, according the the monitoring reports of one of the most important websites that specialize in this profile. Though statistically real, acoording to real-estate analysts, this increase has no relevance.

Burj Khalifa re-opened

The world’s tallest building, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, has been re-opened for the public after 2 months since several visitors were jammed in the elevator at floor #124.

The luxury real-estate market exceeded the state of numbness typical for last year

The beginning of this year is characterized by an increased interest for luxury properties, as compared with 2009. There are rumors of transactions of over 1.000.000 euro in the residential segment

The price for houses in the UK has dropped in February for the first time in 10 months

February has brought the first decrease in prices for houses in the UK for the last 10 months, based on the large taxes collected for transactions, taxes that discouraged the buyers, according to The Telegraph.

Rent values for Bucharest and Ilfov are on halt: 2% decrease in January

The first month in 2010 has failed to bring significant changes compared to December 2009 regarding rent values for old properties in Bucharest and Ilfov County, these rent values having averagely dropped with 2%.

BM: Highest price increase for houses

The collapse of real estate markets has attenuated and some states are actually recovering with increase on the second semester. What countries and what geographical regions relapsed at highest speed and offer at the current time the best efficiency for real estate investments?

A change can be felt on the real-estate transaction market

The real-estate transactions market is in a slow increase in the second semester of this year.

Prices for land in big cities remain almost unmodified compared to the previous year.

Decrease of the price per sq.m. has been reported but still, there were no large sales recorded.