Rent apartment Herastrau

Why rent an apartment or a villa in the northern part of Bucharest ?

  Choosing the most suitable home to meet the needs of our current life of comfort and movement is not an easy decision. Building type, neighborhoods, accessibility to traffic arteries, parking places, fast means of transport, shops and malls, schools, kindergartens, universities, parks, proximity to the city center are essential criteria for making the best decision. Even if for most of us one important factor in choosing a home is the budget, it does not mean that we have to neglect the analysis of all the possibilities presented by the current offer, not at all negligible.
  In an attempt to find as many of the advantages that would help us make a decision, I was attracted by an elegant and exciting area. This is the northern area of Bucharest. Situated quite close to the heart of the metropolis, the Herăstrău area has a number of trumps that you do not find in many other locations in Bucharest.

Why rent apartment Herastrau area?

  North area is one of the most appreciated and best rated area to rent an apartment. If you want to rent an apartment Herăstrău - North area is one of the most beautiful residential districts of Bucharest. The assemblages in the Herastrau area - North Road offer a lot of advantages. These include: numerous new apartments, generous spaces, luxury finishes, premium facilities. And, of course, the proximity to the beautiful Herăstrău Park. There are recreational spaces, sports grounds and playgrounds for children. In the area where Herăstrău apartments are for rent, they are most popular restaurants and terraces.
  In addition, you will be close to the best-rated international schools, medical centers and spa and beauty salons. The area is linked to the city center via broad boulevards and is very close to several shopping centers in the North area of the city. Also, the Herăstrău area offers quick access to the Prahova Valley.
  If you choose to rent apartment Herastrau you will live very close to a big park, in an exclusive residential area, constantly developed in the last 10 years. Here most of the buildings benefit from permanent human security and offer important advantages to those living in the Herastrau area. The most important of these are: swimming pools, fitness halls, saunas, gardens, access to recreation areas and green spaces.

Here are ten reasons to rent an apartment in Herastrau or the northern area of the capital

  1. It is a semi-central area, just a few minutes from the city center.
  2. The area is growing, bars, terraces, coffee shops, sports halls offer numerous opportunities for fun and leisure.
  3. You can live very close to one of the biggest parks in Bucharest, Herăstrău Park and close to Băneasa forest
  4. Nearby is one of the largest malls in Bucharest - the Feeria Mall and Băneasa Shopping City.
  5. There are many markets and supermarkets in the area (Mega Image, Carrefour, Metro, Selgros) where you can easily get your supplies.
  6. Access to public transport is easy
  7. There are many appreciated public and private gardens, schools, high schools and faculties
  8. The area is linked to other arteries that can facilitate easy access to any other area of Bucharest you want and all highways
  9. There are many pharmacies and private clinics
  10. There are numerous construction materials warehouses and DIY stores in the area (Dedeman, Ikea, Arabesque etc.).
  If you prefer to rent a new apartment Baneasa - North, Herăstrău, Pipera is one of the most developed areas of the capital whereyou can find most new or under construction apartments.
  Dozens of housing estates are in various stages of construction and work in premium and middle classes. Most will be built in areas where new interest factors such as Pipera, Barbu Vacarescu - Floreasca have emerged, where many office buildings have been put into use, where the infrastructure has improved.

Why choose a villa for rent Pipera?

  When you want more space for you and your family, choose to rent a villa in the Pipera area. This is one of the most beautiful, quiet and splendid areas in the north of the capital.
  To rent a villa in a select area, as Pipera is, is a great alternative to renting an apartment and brings with it numerous benefits such as:
  • more privacy: renting a villa you haven’t the people around, you don’t see the walls of an apartment, you skip from the centre of the city for choosing relax, comfort, privacy and to breathe a special air. Only in a villa you can enjoy your life with a cup of coffee or tea in your own yard.
  • more value for money: if you compare the cost of renting an apartment with the cost of a villa, you will definitely find the villa rental more convenient.
  • more possibilities for you and your family: you will have more space and more opportunities to organize your family's space and activity
  • living at a higher level: rent a villa in Pipera and you will live like a person who respects and has claims to himself and his life
  • family or group picnic or party: no doubts that the best living place for a family or a group of friends is a private villa! You have a lot of common space to enjoy your time together – with no one else around – but you also have the privacy of a house when needed. A villa rental is also the best choice for families with kids who can enjoy outdoor spaces in the nature.
  All this being said, the choice of buying or renting a villa in Pipera gives you a number of advantages that you can not find in many other areas of Bucharest. At this location you benefit from the facilities of a well developed urban area, with all the necessary means of an active and dynamic life.

Why rent Bucharest apartments or villas?

  Renting an apartment or villa in Bucharest must be a medium or long-term decision that takes into account your lifestyle and your medium- and long-term projects. That's precisely why, when you decide to take this step, you have to choose in full knowledge, looking for the best offer and the best value for your money.
  Renting a home in Bucharest is a decision for which you do not have to compromise. A hundred lei in addition to the monthly rent or a slightly higher amount can make the difference between long-term comfort and comfort and unforeseen expenses and later stress.
  On the real estate market, traps are all over. There are bargains and acquisitions below the price markets because someone is rushing to rent now. There are many owners who want to get away quickly from a home because the home has problems, investment in it is no longer justified, because it rents hard, there are turbulent neighbors, the building has hidden vices, etc.
  In order not to fall into the traps of an inappropriate and injurious rent, which, instead of giving you much dreamed peace, can only bring you headaches, and walk from one place to another, you have to keep in mind some basic tips:
  • If you do not know what to rent, look for a real estate agency to work with.
  • Take care of who you rent the home, the owner or the real estate agent can hide important details.
  • Do not provide an advance rent before checking the legal documents required for renting
  • Be careful of any detail about the state of the home, you might be able to get rid of some aspects that you later regret.
  Unexpected and surprises can occur both for renting an old home and for renting a new home. That is why it is preferable to move towards a new home, which in principle raises less problems.

Why choose to rent an apartment or a new villa and not an old one?

  Here are some arguments to take into account in this decision to rent an apartment or a new villa in Bucharest:
  1. A new home has the technology and current safety standards that are far more efficient than the ones in the past. The risk of getting infiltrated or collapsing to a possible earthquake is rather small.
  2. In a new home everything is new and you do not have to invest more in refurbishing or rearranging it.
  3. A new home should have all the facilities of a current home and you do not have to ask or spend money on installing a heating plant or installing an air conditioner.
  4. A new house is more economical from the energy point of view. With today's construction and insulation technologies, thermal losses are greatly diminished.
  5. In a new house it does not bear much of the footprint of someone else's way of life, or if it is unfurnished it can be arranged from the beginning entirely according to your preferences and desires.
  All this is said, the decision belongs to you! Weigh carefully the advantages and disadvantages of renting an apartment or renting a villa in Bucharest in northern area and choose what is best for the longest term!
  When you want to rent an apartment or rent a villa, the location is one of the most important selection criteria. Herastrău and Pipera are some of the best locations in northern Bucharest.
  Whenever you want to rent an apartment or a villa in Bucharest, Herăstrău or Pipera, do not forget to sign a rental agreement. This is the proof of the transaction and can protect you in case of unpleasant situations. Read and carefully set all rental conditions.
  With regard to the most cost-effective deals, on the site you can find numerous offers and solutions for rent Bucharest apartments or villas, of which you can choose in accordance with your needs, preferences and financial possibilities.
  If you want to check out the best deals for renting an apartment in Herăstrău or renting a villa in Pepera contact your real estate agents of the TudorEstates Agency and visit the real estate website.